Google Street View



Google Street View is a marketing digital tool for businesses to showcase their premises via a virtual tour, which is displayed on various Google properties, such as Google Street View, Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Listings. 

Customers  can enter your store & walk through your business at their leisure  by clicking on the arrows within to move about while taking in the  whole area in 3D (360 degrees). 

Google Street View allows your business to:

- Showcase the interior of your business so that customers can sense the atmosphere 

- Allows you to help your customers better understand what you have to offer

- Display the types of products and services that are relevant to your business that you'd like to promote



Menchies 3D Virtural Tour Google Street View, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Search

Your Customers Are On Google, Are You?

With 7,250 total views in less than 2 weeks on Google Street View, Menchie's allowed their customers to better get to know their business from the inside out!

Why not reach your customers quicker and easier using the biggest search engine today? 

Your customers are on Goolge, Are you?


Over Delight Your Customers!

The increased visibility within Google products will lead to improvement in click through rates and increased engagement with potential clients. 

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Street View Works!


Helps customers find your business quicker!

Watch this short video to learn more about 

Google Street View!


Showcase your products and services (Try Before You Buy)!

Kup At A Time - Carlene Hummel:

Getting on board with iTour Studios was the best thing I could do for my business!

They created a great 3D/Virtual Tour of my store that gives potential customers the opportunity to visit and see what we are all about on Facebook as well as Google Street View! 

Kathy and Noel are an amazing and fun couple who took care to make sure everything was perfect for the shoot and I've had great feedback from both current and new customers. 

This is a fantastic way to promote your business so do yourself a favour and give them a call. 

You will not be disappointed. 

Be sure to check out the group - Virtually Prince George -  

on Facebook! 

Thank you Kathy and Noel! 


More Eyes, More Sales!

Blissful Bubbles Boutique - Corry Scott:

The ease of doing business with these two (Noel and Kathy Samaai) was beautiful! 

You can feel how passionate they are about what they do, and they brought that passion into our store....we experienced an influx of new customers and it was GLORIOUS

We can’t begin to thank them for the new business they brought to us through this creative way of advertising.