iTour for Businesses


Engaging & Immersive

iTour Studios produces engaging, storytelling, immersive 3D Showcases for Realtors, Builders, Land Developers, Homeowners, Businesses, Events, Insurance Companies, Travel and Hospitality Industries, and so much more.  

With over 20 years of providing businesses with effective marketing solutions we have learned that no matter which category the business falls into they need to convey their 'story' in a way that allows their customers to stay connected with their business. 

iTour Studios conveys your story in an 'experiential way'  through interactive 3D iTours, allowing your customers to maintain full control of their experience and provide them with a fully immersive way to experience the business as if they were actually there.

Explore one of Prince George's  classiest Day Spas, where you will be completely pampered!

Stay 'Sticky'

Today,  effective ways to engage your customers and stay 'sticky' while attracting new customers to your business simultaneously can be challenging.

Since customers find it convenient to explore on the go, and businesses need to keep the engagement going to stay 'sticky' in order to keep customers interested, It is far easier and more effective to accomplish this goal by utilizing an easy to search one stop Multi-Media Hub that is available within an iTour Showcase!

An iTour Studio Showcase gives your business the ability to not only tell your story and provide information of interest to your potential customers, but also visually allows you to highlight products & services, market your specials and offer up product information to potential buyers in a way that they haven't experienced before.... in 3D. 

This way of navigating offers your potential customers a dynamic, interactive and engaging way to 'experience' your business at their convenience, even while you are closed at night! 

If you can keep your customers engaged while you are closed, imagine what could happen once you open your doors.

Enhance your customer engagement with 3D/VR!

iTour Studios is now a trusted partner to Google Street View, Google Maps and Google Earth!

Why Work With Us?

iTour Studios services a wide range of businesses and non-profit organizations in our Community and beyond!

We have developed partnerships with National clients like Menchies – Prince George, Worldwide organizations like the YMCA of Northern BC as well as award winning Realtors like Ken Goss of Remax!  

In addition to that we are proud to announce our newest business partnership with Google to deliver to customers the ability to have presence on the number one search engine available today.


We are now a trusted partner for Google Street View, Google Maps and Google Earth used by thousands of businesses in Canada!

iTour Studios and our affiliate partners are continually striving to bring relevant products and services to the market that are both current and emerging in order to help our clients provide a powerful dynamic rich presence in a smartphone dominated market place. 

Truth is...we are not sure if your company is the right fit for what we have to offer but we are happy to meet and discuss your business needs to find out! 

Give us a call or drop us a line and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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